Current Job Openings

Software Developer (remote/home-based)

Quick Details

  1. Full time, 40 hours / week, remote work, to be hired immediately.
  2. All skill levels: senior, junior, trainee

Job Description

We are looking for senior, junior, and trainee JavaScript and Python developers to join our remote team. You will be working remotely from wherever you want and you will be fully integrated into our suite of productivity tools (GitHub, ERPNext, Chat, Web Conferences). You will be hired as an independent contractor, billing the company on a monthly basis for services rendered.

You will be developing JavaScript (frontend) and Python (backend) in plain JS as well as Vue.js/Nuxt.js to implement customized ERP solutions for our customers based on ERPNext ( and Frappe Framework ( Depending on your location, you will periodically attend on-site sessions with the team in Germany or in another location.

Much of the code written will be contributed back to the open-source stack of ERPNext, so we encourage active engagement in the open-source community. If you are looking to work from home in a small but growing agile and international team to build an enterprise ERP-System, and if you are a very experienced Python and JavaScript developer, this job may be right for you.

Required Skills

We are hiring people with different levels of experience (senior, junior, trainee). However, an advanced level of English is required for regular team meetings (e.g. online conferences), issue resolution, and completing documentation.

The following skills are desired:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Vue.js / Nuxt.js
  4. Bootstrap and CSS
  5. MariaDB
  6. GitHub

The following soft skills are expected:

  1. High general Intelligence
  2. Diligence and reliability
  3. Team Player

The following setup are expected:

  1. Own laptop/computer that can handle local development environment
  2. Stable and fast internet connection
  3. Professional-looking home office setup
  4. Good audio and video setup