ERPNext is your new Information Warehouse

Agile, web-based open source ERP

ERPNext is the world's best free and open source ERP. It provides almost anything you need and is designed for simplicity and power.

We have been using ERPNext since 2015 and have implemented it at several companies as their first ERP or to replace other ERP systems. In 2020 we became an official ERPNext Partner.

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We are an official ERPNext Solutions Partner

Services we provide for ERPNext customers:

  • Pre-sales consulting: Is ERPNext right for you? We’ll help you figure this out in a pre-sales phone call/web conference and a demo session, where we show you the power behind ERPNext.
  • Implementation: Our goal is to get you up and running on ERPNext as soon as possible. Our implementations are intensive, face-to-face sessions where we transition you to ERPNext. You and your team learn from us, so you’ll have the knowledge and power to later navigate the system yourself. At the end of the implementation session, your company will be up and running on ERPNext.
  • Customizations and Services: ERPNext is a robust, wide-ranging platform and already includes many features straight „out of the box.“ But if you need more, we’re there to create additional customizations to tailor ERPNext to the particularities of your company and business processes.
  • Training: You shouldn't have to learn the hard way and spend days watching online tutorials or reading documentation. Have our specialized and certified consultants teach you and your staff how to use ERPNext right away.
  • Support: Elexess provides first-line support for any questions you may have. We help answer the „how-to’s“ and „why’s“ that come up. We work hand-in-hand with Frappe Technologies, the company behind ERPNExt, to resolve any bugs or performance issues.

Custom Software Development

Whenever ERPNext and Asana are must be expanded upon or integrated into other solutions our development team takes the lead. Our focus is web applications based on Javascript/Node.js and Python. Our preferred frameworks are Frappe Framework and Nuxt.js We provide support for other platforms too.